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HEVACO Institute, started in 2015, is an offshoot of Hevaco Cooling Systems (P) Ltd. The institute was born out of a desire to develop human resources in the HVAC space by taking in highly motivated and hardworking students and providing them with a combination of classroom training and 'hands-on' project experience.Hevaco being a highly recognized and sought after service provider we have the opportunity to provide the students in training a real-life experience on what happens on the field across the board - in design, trouble shooting, maintenance and even in pre-sales.

The institute is led by resident instructors, visiting professors and specialists with strong industry experience and expertise. This experience impart students with knowledge in core areas incluing project planning, project management and onsite training experience - creating employable, work-ready graduates.

Our vision is to provide an ultimate destination for HVAC training and our mission is to develop mechanical and electrical engineers in HVAC design, sales, projects and services - along with customer service management and personality development.

We also offer placement in Chennai for the successfully trained HVAC Engineers. In short Hevaco is fully committed in the success of its students and for the development of HVAC skills base in Thiruvananthapuram and beyond.

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Ultimate destination for HVAC training


Develop mechanical and electrical engineers in HVAC Design, Sales, Projects and Service.